Puppy training is easy with Teddy, the stylish dog crate from The Paws Room.
A dog peacefully sleeping inside the Teddy Designer Dog Crate
The Teddy Designer Dog Crate with a comfortable interior on a wooden floor
The Teddy Designer Dog Crate used as a side table with a plant, enhancing room decor
A pet-friendly living space featuring the Teddy Designer Dog Crate
A dog enjoying its stylish wooden Teddy Designer Crate
The Teddy Designer Dog Crate in black with divider, adorned with a houseplant
A stylish living room setup with the Teddy Designer Dog Crate and a girl petting her dog
The Teddy Designer Dog Crate doubling as an elegant wooden dog bed with room plants
Securing your dog with Teddy the dog crate is easy and we find so many dogs love relaxing with Teddy even with the perspex doors easily removed.
A chic black and white designer dog crate with a contemporary design
Teddy crate in large with divider to grow with your puppy

Teddy the Designer Dog Crate

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Description of Teddy the Designer Dog Crate

Introducing Teddy, the furniture style dog crate.

Teddy is not your average dog crate - it's a stylish side table that adds a touch of luxury to your home. Crafted from high-quality wood, this designer dog crate is both functional and visually appealing. Your furry friend will enjoy comfort and privacy, while you have a chic piece of furniture. With its sleek and minimalistic design, Teddy seamlessly blends into any home decor. Integrate your dog's space at your place with Teddy the dog crate furniture.

Crate Materials

Our Teddy crate is made with a clear coated or black film-faced premium plywood, which ensures a sturdy and durable table top, as well as easy cleaning and maintenance. The lockable sliding doors are made with a slotted cut-out design in transparent perspex for ventilation and visibility.  

Crate Colours

Teddy in natural is a very pale blonde. Given the nature of the material, it is likely that there will be deviations in the wood, including knots, closed cracks, curly grain, sap stains and bark pockets. It does not have the uniform appearance of some other materials - that's one of the things we love about it! For a more uniform appearance, choose Teddy in black (film-faced premium birch plywood) or Teddy is pre-sealed for you to paint your preferred colour.

Crate Dimensions

Check out our size guide for all our dog crate furniture for more detail to support your selection. Please note, our recommendations are made for your adult breed. You will want to check the gaps between Teddy's fins and consider the Chew Proofing sides for safety of your pup if they could fit between the spaces.


SM (like a 30 inch crate) - cavoodles, cavaliers, pugs, frenchies, westies, maltese, jack russells

Interior  - 62 x 47 x 54 cm

External - 79.5 x 60.5 x 59 cm


Large Teddy (like a 36 inch crate) - labradoodles, border collies, aussie shepherds. bulldogs, corgies, English springers

Interior - 92 x 59 x 65 cm

External - 109.5 x 72.5 x 70 cm


XL Teddy - (like a 42 inch crate) golden retrievers, labradors, boxers, groodles 

Interior - 101.8 x 70.6 x 72.4 cm

External - 120 x 85 x 77.8 cm

Crate Delivery

S/M and Large Teddy crates are generally shipped within 7 days of your order. We will let you know immediately if there will be a longer wait time. The XL Teddy is made to order so please allow 2 weeks for him to be shipped. Contact us for urgent delivery and we will do everything we can!

Trainer Endorsement

Additional Information

Puppies love to chew and it's important for their development and self-soothing. We recommend helping them make the right choices for chewing, like natural toys and treats and protecting your Teddy crate while they are learning with our optional chew proofing side panels. Made of transparent perspex, they have a cut-out slot pattern for ventilation and visibility without impacting the minimalist aesthetic of the crate. An optional perspex divider is also available for the large and XL Teddy.

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