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Dear Puppy Parents, we have a gift for you

Free online crate training with Laura Godwin, Doggi Trainer

At The Paws Room, we're responsible pet parents like you, calling in the experts to make sure we give our dogs the right support for their safety, wellbeing and happiness.

As an avid crate advocate, professional dog behaviourist and founder of Doggi, Laura Godwin has partnered with us to create this free online crate training course, bringing over 15 years experience with dogs of many breeds & sizes.

Laura specialises in supporting and guiding beloved dogs to develop appropriate social skills and behaviours and is passionate about helping dog parents gain a better understanding of their dog’s needs & behaviours.

What to expect when you sign up

Develop a happy, confident dog

Our aim is to support pet parents with crate training so pups are set up for long-term success at home without separation anxiety and behaviour issues.

In this series of short videos, Laura covers the various benefits and stages of crate training, introducing pups and older dogs to their crates and how to create a positive association with crates.

You will learn techniques to address common challenges such as whining and barking associated with crate training, as well as tips for creating a routine, choosing the right crate, and using positive reinforcement to make the training experience enjoyable for both you and your pup.

Join the community and get all your questions on crate training answered!