Meet The Paws Room Team

We have created The Paws Room with the love of dogs at the heart of everything we do.

We have learned so much about the benefits of dog crates through the experience of our own Shar Pei, Paolo. He is an anxious boy who frets easily and paces constantly when we have visitors.

It wasn't until we worked with dog trainers and behaviourists that we started to understand a dog crate wasn't a cage, but a safe space that could provide our highly strung dog with a calming sanctuary.

When both our dogs took to crates and benefited instantly, we created The Paws Room to share our learning and hope our stylish dog crate furniture alternatives help to break down the stigma of the "cage".

Our wooden dog crate furniture and curated collection of crate accessories aim to seamlessly blend the everyday needs of your dog with the style of your home. We hope you love it too.

Eliza & Tom

Happy Paws Happy Hearts

Like our furniture, the beauty of what we do depends on the way we slot together as a team. It is only possible as the sum of our parts.

From our designers and suppliers to our own families and dogs, we recognise that we are our best when we value the diversity of what everyone has to bring, with belonging front of mind.

That's why we've partnered with Happy Paws Happy Hearts, a national program, rehabilitating animals and people across Australia. Working hand in hand with the RSPCA, HPHH provides a community for vulnerable people to come together and share a mutual love of animals, learn new skills, and give back in a meaningful way.

We're helping HPHH build beautiful rooms to pause for all their participants with crate and couch donations funded with every sale. When you buy from The Paws Room, you help support Happy Paws Happy Hearts with their mission to to bring socially isolated people together to care for and train rescue animals. 

Paws Room crate designer Charles Wentworth

Meet Charles

Our designer, Charles, is known for developing unique furniture that honours the materials and manufacturing techniques used to produce it.

Being conscious and aware of these properties allows him to design effective and efficient solutions to suit the needs of dogs and those who love them.

"For as long as I can remember, I've obsessed over the most minute details of each and every piece of furniture I come across. Whether it's in a store, a home or the public realm - I cannot help but notice and appreciate the additional care that goes into well designed products."

While traditional wire crates only serve one purpose – to house dogs – Charles has designed a crate collection that acknowledges dogs' denning instinct whilst also integrating with the home spaces they share.

Carl our CNC router operator

Meet Carl

Industrial designer and CNC router operator Carl is committed to producing top-quality products through local manufacturing and design. That's the DNA he brings to the Paws Room.

"The Paws Room challenge was to create a line of dog crates that were both functional and stylish. My expertise in CNC (computer numerical control) routing has been the perfect fit for the project."

Carl nominated birch for the material of choice for our pet furniture collection to take advantage of its strength and durability. He also valued its sustainable qualities, as it is made from thin layers of wood that are glued together, allowing us to use less wood overall.

Carl hates waste and ensures optimised nesting for every design. The CNC routing manufacturing process he applies to bring our crate designs to life involves using a machine to cut, shape, and drill materials with high precision.
"By using a CNC router, we are able to cut the birch ply into the desired shape and drill holes in the exact locations needed for the crate’s design. The finished crates are sanded and finished with a non-toxic finish to ensure that they are safe for pets and their owners. The end result is a beautiful and functional line of designer dog crates."