Baker the Eco Chew Toy
Our Shar Pei is always chewing. Baker the eco rope chew toy helps relieve his anxiety and us up energy, rather than trying to chew on wooden dog crate furniture or eating his bed!
When crate training a puppy, it's recommended to have a safe and environmentally friendly chew toy to help them use their energy and redirect them from chewing on their wooden crate. Baker is loved by dogs and is a great shape for looping around the crate or playing games with your puppy.
Made from sustainable hemp rope, Baker the eco chew toy is the perfect addition to your dog crate furniture. Help your dog understand what is made for chewing and what isn't so they don't chew on the timber of the crate. Also help relieve their anxiety and use energy by providing them something safe to chew.
Baker the Eco Chew Toy
Baker the Eco Chew Toy
Baker the Eco Chew Toy
Baker the Eco Chew Toy
Baker the Eco Chew Toy

Baker the Eco Chew Toy

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Description of Baker the Eco Chew Toy

Baker's durable and eco-friendly fibers make him the perfect chew toy for teething, tugging, and fetch. He's a top choice for dogs who love to play and need tough toys that last. Made for working dogs and built to resist vigorous chewing, Baker is the ultimate in reliable fun. With his super-durable construction, he's the best companion for dogs looking for tough and long-lasting fun. Don't miss out on the most natural and durable chew toy a dog can have! Level up playtime with Baker, the go-to rope chew toy.

    Chew Toy Materials

    This sustainable dog toy is handmade in Australia by Holistic Paws Hemp with premium hemp rope and no plastic, pesticides, dyes or chemicals. 


    Chew Toy Care

    This toy will outlast many others but when it does start to degrade, just chuck it into the garden or on the compost heap. That's if your doggo doesn't try and dig it back up first! Either way, give it back to the Earth once you're finished with it. 

    Please supervise your pet when they are using our toys and know their playing behaviour. You may notice some fibres shedding with the first few uses as this is a natural product, it is completely expected and will reduce over time and use.

    Chew Toy Delivery

    Baker will ship the day after order, or with the balance of other ordered products.

    Additional Information

    Chewing is an important self-soothing technique for dogs and by providing them a safe and natural chew option you can deter them from chewing on furniture like their crate! Play tug of war with them, put it in their crate or pen to keep them busy or loop it around the sides or back of their crate to enhance their sense of sanctuary.

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