About Us


The Paws Room is an Australian owned company with the love of dogs at the heart of everything we do. Our designer pet furniture and curated collection of accessories aim to provide harmony between your hound and home.

Made from premium birch plywood, we create sustainable furniture that connect your sense of style with your dog's sense of security. 

Happy Paws Happy Hearts

Like our furniture, the beauty of what we do depends on the way we slot together as a team. It is only possible as the sum of our parts.

From our designers and suppliers to our own families and dogs, we recognise that we are our best when we value the diversity of what everyone has to bring, with belonging front of mind.

That's why we've partnered with Happy Paws Happy Hearts, a national program, rehabilitating animals and people across Australia. Working hand in hand with the RSPCA, HPHH provides a community for vulnerable people to come together and share a mutual love of animals, learn new skills, and give back in a meaningful way.

We're helping HPHH build beautiful rooms to pause for all their participants with crate and couch donations funded with every sale. When you buy from The Paws Room, you help support Happy Paws Happy Hearts with their mission to to bring socially isolated people together to care for and train rescue animals. 

The Paws Room Pop-Up

The Paws Room Pop-Up is at 17 Bayswater Street in Rosalie Village, Brisbane. You can find us there most weekends from 8-11am to see all our furniture and accessories and treat your doggo to a L'Barkery puppicino.

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