The Aussie Dog Showroom is where pet parents find the dog products their dog will love

The Aussie Dog Showroom is where pet parents find the dog products their dog will love

As a loving dog parent, I'm constantly looking for brands that will help me spoil Wally, whether it be treats, toys, grooming products, or furniture. The Aussie Dog Showroom is a one-stop shop that features a range of Australian-made products from brands that believe dogs are part of the family and deserve only the best quality boutique pet products. 

I always love finding new brands to support, especially Australian businesses offering locally-made products to help Wally look and feel his best. With The Aussie Dog Showroom, I know that all the pet brands are Aussie dog products, with a collective belief in only providing the best quality boutique pet products for the furry family member. 

Beautiful, boutique Australian-made products for dogs.

Wally and I have been able to check out some of these products and the brands that make them, and we wanted to share our thoughts. If you're looking for high-quality, Australian-made pet products, check out the brands at The Aussie Dog Showroom from The Paws Room.


The Paws Room blends home decor and pet comfort with chic crates and pet accessories

Let's start with the brand pulling all these fantastic dog brands together in a pet collective for us pet parents: The Paws Room. Not only do they support Aussie dog products and the brands who make them by bringing them together, but they also create beautiful dog products themselves. 

We all know how hard it can be to find a crate that makes your pup feel safe but also fits in with your home decor, where the fantastic crates from The Paws Room come in. We have the Archie, which is the perfect size for Wally to snuggle up in but also doubles as a coffee table to sit alongside a window bench. I love that Wally can now sit safely in his crate whilst I'm out and still see out the front window for when I get home, and his crate isn't taking up half my lounge room. You can barely tell there's even a crate here because it looks so good. The fluffy sheepskin sits so beautifully in it that Wally feels at home. Or you can opt for an orthopedic dog bed that slips into whichever crate you choose from The Paws Room.

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Houndsome brings high fashion and comfort to your furry friend

Houndsome is an Aussie dog brand offering boutique dog products for the discerning dog. Wally can be known as a fashionista, so this brand definitely wins him over. With stylish coats, scarves, collars and cravats to make Matt Preston jealous, there's something for all those stylish puppers looking to up their fashion game. 

On top of these fantastic doggie fashion finds, Houndsome also offers hand-thrown dog bowls to ensure your pup's dinnerware is as fetching as yours. Plus, you can grab a snuggly throw blanket to help keep you and your furry friends warm during the colder months. Wally loves having his Houndsome water bowl in his The Paws Room Archie crate to keep him hydrated whilst he watches what's happening in the neighbourhood.

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The To The Wild tote is perfect for adventurous pups and their on-the-go owners

Is your pup adventurous but gets tired after the first km of walking? What better way to help keep the adventurous spirit going than with a beautiful bag that fits your pup and all the walking essentials? Only a few people think of finding the right bag as an essential when shopping for pet accessories, but the To The Wild tote is perfect for dogs and people. 

The tote is so beautiful that it works as a regular tote, but it also happens to fit Wally snuggly if he needs it. It fits all the things I need to take with me when out and about with Wally; plus, if he needs a break, he can curl up inside in peace. He also likes to share his space, so while hanging in his pram, his buddy Ted takes some time in the To The Wild bag. 

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Walk hands-free and stress-free with the versatile Attachd belt

Sometimes, when we pet parents take our pups for a walk, we can't always hold the leash because we want to have our coffee, and the Attachd belt is the perfect pet accessory for this. I can walk Wally, and his bumpy or all-over-the-place walking won't make me burn my hands or waste my coffee because it's all hands-free. Plus, the Attachd belt holds my phone when I'm not using it to get photos, keys to get back into the house, poop bags for those toilet times and some tissues or hand sanitiser to help keep me clean. 

I've tried multiple dog products that claim to help pet parents walk their dogs, but what I love about the Attachd belt is that it's so versatile. It holds the most important things I need on our daily walks and offers me the option to let Wally walk freely while I take videos, drink my coffee, or chat with my mum on the phone. Plus, it offers low impact when Wally pulls me along rather than walking calmly beside me. 

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Celebrate your pet with Pemberley Pets' stylish art and accessories

Something I love to do as a pet parent is fill my home with art that represents Wally or my love for him. Pemberley Pets line portraits are a simple and stylish way to show your love for your pet on the walls of your home. Now Wally's a mixed breed, Shih Tzu cross Maltese, which can be hard to find when it comes to these sorts of artworks, but the Maltese found on Pemberley Pets shows it has a dose of Wally in it. I still need to find a home for our new art, but I think Wally has claimed it for his beautiful Archie crate from Paws Room.

Along with these beautiful portraits, you can get totes and other accessories with the same stylish designs showcasing your love for your pet. They also offer other unique accessories for your home to give it some sophisticated style woven throughout all Pemberley Pets products. Sometimes, simplicity is needed when it comes to pet lifestyle brands to make your house feel like a home. 

Learn more about Pemberley Pets.

Upgrade your pup's style with Wil & Essie's chic bow ties, collars, and more

One of my favourite things about shopping for Wally is finding new bow ties for him! He lives in them because I love how they look at him. So Wil & Essie is another one we'll add to our list of regular Aussie pet accessories to shop with. Plus, they have so much more than just the gorgeous bow tie, collar, lead and poop bag set we have. With jackets and harnesses, this beautiful boutique dog brand has designs that suit any fashionista furry friend.

The next thing I want to get for Wally from Wil & Essie is a snuggle sack for him to snuggle on the couch with me or a blanket to keep him warm in bed at night. There are so many beautiful boutique pet products for both your dog and us humans that I don't know how I will choose. 

Learn more about Wil & Essie. 

Discover Organic Dog Co's delicious and healthy snacks

As a dog mum who wants only the best for my pup, I'm always looking for new treat brands to test out. I have to say Wally loved Organic Dog Co. I've been using the yoghurt drops as a dessert-type treat that I give to Wally while I enjoy some ice cream after dinner—he loves it! And he's also loving the doggie biscuits. He can be pretty picky with doggie biscuits, but he dives straight into his Organic Dog Co biscuits. 

But delicious yoghurt or cookie treats aren't the only dog supplies Organic Dog Co offers pet parents. They also have long-lasting dental chews and a fantastic doggie-friendly cake mix I'll get for Wally's next birthday. But really, the range of cute doggie biscuits, macaroons, and doggie-friendly chocolates is just what any dog parent would want for their precious pet. Plus, the all-natural ingredients mean that even though you're treating your dog, it's still healthy. 

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Keep your pup happy and healthy with Biggie's Raw Pantry

Giving Wally treats, especially long-lasting ones, is one of my favourite things, especially when I have to leave him home alone. Biggie's Raw Pantry has a range of healthy treats I can put out for Wally to distract him while I'm at the shops or running errands. He loves coconut chicken or any chicken treats, and I was surprised that he also loves squid jerky. Wally can be picky with unique treats like squid, but he licks it and gobbles it up with joy!

Along with a wide range of delicious natural treats for your pup, you can also find supplements to help any pet parent keep their furry family member in the best health. There is also a range of enrichment toys, which Wally loves to dig into enrichment toys to engage his mind and get yummy treats. Biggie's Raw Pantry offers so much that any pet parent looking to care for but also spoil their pup will find something. 

Learn more about Biggie's Raw Pantry.

Boost your pup's health and happiness with Holistic Paws Hemp Co's natural products

Wally's paralysis has changed our playtime, but his zest for life is unwavering! Keeping him entertained can be challenging, and that's where Holistic Paws Hemp Co's The Baker Hemp Ball and Loop toy has been a lifesaver. He loves to toss it about the room and drag himself to chase it as best he can. Their Hemp Superfood Topper also adds a delicious boost to his meals, packed with natural ingredients that support his overall health and healing. I love knowing he's getting the extra TLC he needs for a shiny coat and strong muscles, even if those muscles aren't powering zoomies around the house.

While Wally can't chase the birds at the moment, Holistic Paws Hemp Co. offers a variety of exciting products for all kinds of furry friends. Their calming chews caught my eye, as Wally has his anxious moments, which they could help with. For the doggos who like to look good, they've got some great harnesses, collars, and bandanas. Holistic Paws Hemp Co understands the diverse needs of our canine companions, making them a one-stop shop for all things pet wellness.

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Add a touch of charm to your home with Luna & Mum's beautifully sculpted soy wax candles 

As a dog mum who loves the title 'Crazy dog lady,' I love to find unique home decor that also represents my love for my dog. Luna & Mum feeds this obsession and my love of candles - even if I don't always light them. With their wide range of handcrafted and sculpted soy wax candles, you can find your pup in their collection. I love our small paw candle, which sits perfectly on top of Wally's Archie crate from The Pawsroom. 

If you don't want a candle to match your pup, choose from one of the many other beautifully designed candles Luna & Mum has available. From Easter-themed bunnies to intricate roses and some perfect pillars, there's an option that suits any home decor aesthetic. Plus, they smell delicious, which means they also make your home smell beautiful, which is often something we're striving for as dog parents with all the dog smells to cover.

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Scratch is nutritious, planet-friendly, and pup-approved!

I've wanted to try Scratch dog food for ages because I love to try the different food deliveries that come into the market to see what Wally would like. I usually cook for him, but time and energy have meant I've been searching for nutritious alternatives that Wally loves to eat. I was hesitant to get Scratch for Wally, as much as I did want to try it because he's never been a big fan of kibble, but wow, I was surprised. Wally not only devoured his sample packs of Scratch that I got him to try, but he didn't hesitate to do so when I added some supplements to the mix. 

I've been lucky with Wally; he's good and takes most changes to his food well, and Scratch was no different. I also definitely saw an improvement in his poop when he was eating it, something all pet parents love to see - soft but solid poop in just the right shade. Plus, Scratch is committed to helping the planet, which makes me feel so much better about buying from them when I know it helps them help the Earth.

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